China Stainless Steel Sink Installation Steps

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China Stainless Steel Sink has a material that is not easily rusted and damaged, and is easy to use, and has a more upscale appearance, making it a very popular kitchen utensil in the family kitchen. The stainless steel sink is a bit different from other kitchen utensils and needs to be installed in addition to being bought back. So what should you pay attention to in stainless steel sinks?

There is a precondition for installing a stainless steel sink: it is necessary to reserve the location of the sink.

Reserve a good sink and provide the approximate size of the sink when ordering the sink. It is best to have a floor plan provided to avoid rework and lead to rework. When the sink is installed, the position reserved for the countertop should match the volume of the sink. The sink should be installed firmly and the tank should not be shaken from side to side. The installation of the sink is not a big project in the whole decoration, but pay attention to the sealing of the joints during the installation process.

First, check the accessories:
1. First, open the package, remove the sink tank and drain components, and check if the accessories are correct and complete.

2. Remove the water tank and make the opening of the countertop according to the opening template attached to the package. Check if the muffler block is degummed. If it is, please re-apply it.

3. Check whether the faucet is cracked or not, whether the sealing ring at both ends of the connecting pipe is missing, misplaced, damaged, etc., so as to avoid water leakage after installation.

Second, pay attention to the installation:
No matter which sink is installed, choose the height that is best for your use. The installation of the stainless steel sink should be based on the height of the kitchen console, which is more convenient to use in daily life.

2. Above counter basin installation
The sink above the basin is easy to install, just open the hole in the table. There are a variety of sink edge designs available for the above-mentioned basin sink style. It is necessary to ensure that the gap between the stainless steel sink and the countertop is even and there is no water seepage.

3. Taiwan basin installation
The installation method of the flat basin is used to achieve the seamless installation of the stainless steel sink and the countertop. The flat stainless steel sink edge makes it easy to wipe water droplets and other stains into the stainless steel sink. No stains will remain in the gap between the sink and the countertop, which is safe and hygienic. Thanks to the seamless installation of the kitchen sink and countertops, you have more room to use. The stainless steel sink is perfectly matched to the countertop and has a beautiful appearance.

4. Under counter basin installation
The stainless steel sink adopts the installation method of the under-counter basin. The stainless steel sink is installed under the countertop, which has more space for use, and the countertop is easy to clean and manage.


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