China Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturer Teaches You How To Choose The Right Sink

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The integrated sink is often the most overlooked of the kitchen durables, but its position in the kitchen is very high, so how to choose a suitable sink for the kitchen? Today, Afa China Stainless Steel Sink manufacturers will share with you!

1. The material of the integrated sink: the sink is also called the kitchen pot. The material should be made of steel with the number 304. Because the steel of 304 has a low carbon content, the flexibility of the steel is good, so it is no exaggeration. It is said that this kind of steel, ordinary pistol bullets cannot be worn.

2. The production method of the integrated water tank: There are two main ways to produce the water tank. One is a one-time stamping with water flow, and the other is welded. The welding is divided into bottom welding, middle butt welding, and wheel welding. Wait for a few ways.

3. There is no protective coating on the bottom of the integrated sink: the protective coating on the bottom of the sink is used for quiet sound and anti-condensation. A better coating is to use a mortar to spray the entire surface of the sink. Ordinary one is attached to the bottom with a rubber gasket, which can also provide a quiet sound effect.

4. the size of the integrated sink: length does not have any problems to pay attention to, but the width is very important, the width should refer to the width of the table, the standard table width is 55cm and 60cm, but everything is special, the old house's countertop 50cm Mostly.

5. the installation method of the integrated sink: There are two types, the above-stage type, and the under-stage type, so the sink has two kinds of basins, the above counter basin and the under counter basin, which are generally made on the table top, but in recent years, The under-stage wind is quietly scrapped, and the under-stage style is more beautiful, giving people a refreshing feeling. The countertops are easier to handle, but the cabinet company has to pay more for processing. Usually, the above counter basins can be made both on the table top and the under counter type, while the under counter basin can only be made into a downstairs type.

6. the surface treatment of the integrated sink: integrated sink after the surface treatment, the ability to prevent oil is greatly enhanced, the common is the matte surface, pearl yin silver surface, vortex surface, each has its own characteristics.

7. The water fittings of the integrated sink: the water pipe of the integrated sink should be selected from PVC water pipes. After the initial integration of the sink into the kitchen appliance industry, it has not been recognized by end consumers because of the high price. However, with the rapid development of the integrated sink market, all kinds of integrated sink products are dazzling and more and more popular, but we must carefully polish our eyes and choose better products when purchasing.

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