Madden 23 will be released in August on

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Madden 23 will be Mut 23 coins released in August on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as the PC version will also be available to the market for the first time in 10 years. 

The game will not be available on Nintendo Switch, however. In another piece of Madden information, EA Sports told us that Madden 23 won't address the NFL's controversial kneeling policy.

The Madden franchise is returning on PC in the coming year. But what's with Nintendo Switch? It's not being planned. 

The producer Ben Haumiller told MMOexp at the EA Play event ahead of E3 2022 that, while Madden 23 isn't coming to Switch the next installments of the series could be.

"We always consider every platform available," he said. "It's really a matter of what's the best for Madden and for us as EA and where we're headed."

EA's Madden franchise is designed to provide the best portrayal of the most popular American sport, and each year over year , it offers enhancements that make the appear and feel more authentic. It is not always claimed for what happens off madden 23 coins buy the field however.

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