Kyle Pitts is ing the crucial second season

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Kyle Pitts is ing the Mut 23 coins crucial second season of the Atlanta Falcons. NFL experts are forecasting that he will have a breakout year for Pitts who was averaging just one touchdown in the last season. 

It's still unclear who Pitts quarterback will be but regardless Pitts should be the most effective option for Atlanta's passing attack. Pitts could get a substantial increase in his ratings with the success of his 2022 campaign.

Mike Gesicki quietly put together a great season in 2022 with the Miami Dolphins, amassing close to 800 yards. He didn't have as many touchdowns like 2022 did However, this could change in 2022 , with Tyreek Hill now receiving passes for the offensive. 

Hill will require a lot of defenses' attention, which can open up Gesicki in the red zone. It's hard to imagine the tight end making far in the rankings but.

Goedert was named the tight end spot with the Philadelphia Eagles last season after sharing the position along with Zach Ertz for a few years. 

The Eagles did not have the most efficient passing offense in 2022, however, Goedert was able to score more than 400 yards, and scored four touchdowns. Similar performance is the expectation for Goedert in the 2022 season based on cheap madden 23 coins his grade.

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