How to Transfer Characters into the Season of Mastery

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Borean Tundra is located on the southwestern portion of Northrend, and its story is based on the war that rages between Alliance as well as the Horde WOTLK Classic Gold. The two factions have strongholds in the tundra, Valiance Keep and Warsong Hold located found within walking distance of each the other. In this zone it is possible to see vast areas including the Scourge-infested deserts in the south, as well as the resource-stripped Geyser Fields up north.

Making a decision

Both Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord have their upsides however, your choice of which one you choose will not alter your experience in a major way. Borean Tundra is the one that has received less criticism as Howling Fjord in the years since the initial launch of Wrath in part because it's not as good as the starting point. Players have dubbed the zone the "boring tundra," due to its lackluster storyline and long quest chains. However, there's still things to do and places worth exploring within the zone.

The majority of players to travel to Howling Fjord upon the launch of Wrath WOTLK Classic, meaning Borean Tundra will likely be underpopulated in comparison. If you're a player who likes to level up, it's likely that a less popular area like Borean Tundra could be the better option buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold. If you're interested in playing an expansion like the WOTLK Classic expansion that has a more cinematic story-driven feel to it, Howling Fjord will likely be more your speed.

WOTLK Classic's Season of Mastery let players take on the Vanilla WoW they know and like in a unique, very difficult manner. The mode rid away World Buffs and other similar techniques that allowed players to clear the game's content easily for a much more strenuous experience , which provided a unique perspective on the game.

The game was created in order to offer a third option over the normal WOTLK Classic and the newly launched, The Burning Crusade WOTLK Classic. Now that Wrath of the Lich King WOTLK Classic is expected to launch in the near future, Blizzard has allowed players to move their Season of Mastery characters to either WOTLK Classic or Era or WOTLK Classic.

At the moment, Blizzard hasn't confirmed how the transfer of Season of Mastery characters will work but if character transfers can serve as any indication it is possible for players to anticipate it to function exactly the same way.

Character transfer on both Classic WOTLK Classic and Classic work the same method. All the player has to be able to do is log in, click on "Shop" on the bottom left corner, browse through the servers that are available, select the character they want to transfer, and select their realm of choice to transfer the character to. It is expected that players will start the process of transferring their Season of Mastery characters "sometime following the release of Naxxaramas," according to Blizzard.

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