The NBA 2K games have turned into the round of the century throughout the last ten years

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GiveMeSport has already profiled the best players of today by using NBA2K22. However, it's time to dive into the game's GOATs, A.K.A. the greatest of all time NBA 2K MT Coins. Here are the 10 top-rated players NBA 2K22 has ever seen and a bit regarding what's made them exceptional, based on game's statistics and ratings.

For the top 10 we have the legend that is Shaquille O'Neal. This four-time NBA champion was an absolute force during his peak time in the early 2000s, and was awarded NBA Finals MVP three times between 2000-2002.

'Shaq attack' was an Paint Beast with a height of 7'1, and would be a household name through his stints with Miami Heat and LA Lakers. His Inside Scoring is some among the most effective the NBA has ever seen with an 98 Layup, and 98 Driving Dunk and the 98 Handles. He's got 27 Badges and 11 of them are Hall of Fame level, over a period of from 1992-2011.

'Anything is possible!' was the shout of Kevin Garnett as Boston Celtics took home winning the 2008 NBA victory over LA Lakers. Known as the 'Big Ticket for his extraordinary basketball skills and athleticism, his in-game stats reflect his superiority Buy NBA 2K22 MT. He scored 97 Standing Dunk, 98 Hustle, and 91 athleticism general.

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