NBA 2k22 attempts genuinely to move back from the routine ongoing interaction

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The kind of dazzling dunk that the player will perform depends on their height of the player, the rating, and the location on the court when performing the move NBA 2K22 MT. A player running from the baseline will lead to a sideline dunk, while a player running from the wings will execute a one-handed hammer.

Dunks with the dominant hand or without is performed by pressing down R2 or RT and flicking the right stick to the left or right while players are running towards the paint. The hand the player will use for dunking will depend on the direction in which you flick the right stick in performing the maneuver.

The force and impact of the dunk will not matter whether it is their dominant hand or the other hand when the dunk is completed. As long as the person succeeds in the move, then you'll get two points with the utmost skill.

The putback dunk occurs by holding down the shoot button - either square or X - when the ball is getting ready to drop off the painting. The putback dunk of NBA 2K22 is done when the other player fails to hit a shot and the player is in the vicinity of the paint to make the missed shot in a flashy manner.

Space and timing are essential in achieving a great putback dunk Buy NBA 2K Coins. Be sure to click the button once the ball is still in the air and without having opponents fighting for the rebound are key ways to seal the putback dunk you made in NBA 2K22.

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