The god's first disciple is always the easiest to take out

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If you think about it logically, earth and OSRS Gold fire are opposite, so Dragons and Dwarves will fight (i.e they are fighting). Dwarves disturb sleeping dragons in caves or summat) Elves, i don't know much about, however i imagine peaceful creatures. This means they're not like humans, who are combatants. This is all we have so far. I'd need around 15 more races and some more bonus ideas.

Hay Jake! My name is Jay and I have recently achieved Level 99 Construction. As I was working towards Level 99 construction, i was bombarded with a myriad of thoughts that could enhance my construction skills. Construction Suggestions: You are permitted to expel one player out of your house.

The reason for this is that I have decided to throw a wonderful house celebration and I want everyone to have fun in my home or the sport. Unfortunately some people just can't behave. We all know what I am talking about with this. People who behave rudely, and people who decide to engage in bugs and block the doors of the dungeon so that players get trapped in the cage. This requires me to kick everyone who pays and to restart the house. This is very annoying.

When the split screen is finished, there will be a cape that covers your back that bears the image of the god you have selected. Walk outside the castle doors and see another splitscreen ....THIS IS THE TIME YOU'RE In this year, fighting and SURVIVING 100 OPPONENTS and walking into the God's Castle. It's the #1 fight.

The god's first disciple is always the easiest to take out. If you chose guthix you initially will fight saradomin. the same for the zammy. If you pick sara, you'll be fighting zammy the first. They can range, attack or mage so make sure you are protected as you learn what's in store at you... they allow you time to understand what's in store. (they are able to Buy RS Gold hit 25 without protection so they arent really too hard) when they are in melee, they pull their weapon back and this gives you the chance to protect from melee, when you are in range, hold the weapon both hands to give your chance to defend, when it comes to mage, they raise their weapon and that's your chance to protect.

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