Madden NFL 22 forecasts Cincinnati Bengals win in Super Bowl

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The Cincinnati Bengals will win Super Bowl LVI over the LA Rams, according to Mut 22 coins predictions made by the video game simulation football Madden NFL 22. With its track record in the past, Rams fans might have an excellent reason to be bit nervous.

A video of the Super Bowl prediction featuring retired Seattle Seahawks running back Marshan Lynch showed up the social media platform Twitter on Monday. In the prediction of Madden NFL 22, the Bengals will win the victory over the Rams by the score of 24-21.

Every time, EA Sports has released the results of its Madden Super Bowl simulation as well this time, the pro football game is betting that this year's Cincinnati Bengals will upset the Los Angeles Rams in a intense and exciting match which will be decided by the final game.

Based on the simulation it appears that the Bengals will trail the Rams at halftime by a score of 14-7 before Bengals corner Eli Apple picks off Rams QB Matthew Stafford for a pick-six to make it a tie with an extra point. Bengals QB Joe Burrow then connects with Tee Higgins in the fourth quarter to give the Bengals the edge, until Stafford finds Odell Beckham Jr. for a touchdown in order to draw the game again.

For the final game of the day, Burrow together with players from the Bengals are able to move the ball sufficiently to allow kicker Evan McPherson a chance to cheapest madden 22 coins make it a win. McPherson does fail to make it. The Bengals prevail by a score of 24-21. Burrow is the very first QB to have an award of the Heisman, College Football National Championship and also the Super Bowl, at least if it comes to reality.

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