Boots and gloves you've got only a few options

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Gravite staff is considerably better and OSRS Gold definitely worth getting If you don't intend to join in the near future. The reward for Dungeoneering is 40k tokens, which means it'll require getting 400K exp from regular training for the Dungeoneering ability.

Boots and gloves you've got only a few options. There are a few options for GWD hybrid gloves and boots (Arma, Zam, Sara and Bandos) They're hybrid and therefore count as the three styles of combat. They're not that great, though they provide Tier 50 defense stats due to being hybrid armour pieces.

I was still working on my post as well as doing two edits however, Leo posted and damaged it. Hybrid technology is free, however you must camp GWD to collect the pieces T70 GWD is cheap; T80 GWD is a lot higher in price but is better. T85 are by far the best defensive boots and gloves that are available If I'm not wrong and less expensive than GWD T80.

If you have a substantial sum of money, I'd recommend getting the T85 models because they look more fashionable and have the best boot and tank gloves on the market. T70 GWD are much cheaper and more suitable for Slayer due to their booties and power gloves. T80 GWD are generally a better versions of the T70 ones, however they cost a lot more and must be fixed.

A novice would like to Cheap RS 2007 Gold know which is the fastest and easiest F2P quests in OSRS without any requirements? They are generally short, in actual. What you really want is quests that will give you experience or are otherwise useful.

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