I've successfully completed successfully completed the Slayer challenge

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asked Mar 10 in General by Dragonborn (430 points)

I've successfully completed successfully completed the Slayer challenge. The challenge is over. I accepted Sumona's challenge of slaying the infamous Kalphite Queen. Clicking on OSRS Gold my profile picture will reveal my stats, to be used as a reference.

Full void gear, mage helm, amulet of fury Ring of Slaying, the classic cape. Forumers, I would like your suggestions and input as to how I can best approach this challenge without crashing and burning.

All right, everyone, be ready by putting down-votes in your ballots because I have another query... I have one of the gold chests found in Carnillean Rising, as I'm sure that you do too. It's been in my savings account since I finished the quest because I'm not quite sure how it functions or what to do with it.

Yes, I know you could bury it and host your own private treasure hunt. That's it. I'd like to add the prize inside and put it in a secluded area to be buried. But how will anyone else use it if I'm forced to place a pin in it or hand keys to. That kind'a defeats the purpose isn't it? If I bury it one specific world, does it exist everywhere on the planet, or just the world I placed it in?

It will remain buried in that location forever and Cheap RuneScape Gold for ever? And how will others come across it, let alone even realize that one is in a grave? Another thing that I'm worried with is the fact that I do not want launch a treasure hunt without announcing it. I'm 99percent certain that a scammer will turn this idea into a scam eventually or not.

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