Do you want praying or straight atk/str/def levels?

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asked Mar 1 in General by Dragonborn (430 points)

Do you want praying or straight atk/str/def levels? This will be your decision. I personally would prefer having more prayer , so I would visit hill giants. In the years after 40, I would consider hill giants as an additional source of prayer as well as flesh crawlers like already mentioned. Things won't change much until the 50s where moss giants may be an option to RuneScape Gold replace hill giants. As you enter the sixties you could also think about strongholds of security spiders.

Okay, so I'll need some of the fundamentals, I'll share what equipment I'm thinking about and if you could make any changes to it you'd be greatly appreciated, and also tell me the method, I have a vague concept, but having experience will help. There are 80 Defense , and 8 Hitpoints. If the numbers aren't enough I'd most likely train them. Please let me know.

Also, I'm aware that a soloing Rex may involve the killing of prime and supreme, therefore my range to about 79 (80 easily) and 82 Attack and Strength. The reason I'm doing this is to earn money, so if rex really isn't decent cash any more, it would be nice to know as well.

If you're in the Burstinglobs chat with friends you'll find almost always people who are hybrids and needs a mage who is a solo partner to take out Rex for them while they kill Supreme or Prime. This means that you will not have to be worried about Supreme or Prime whilst you're there, except if either of you are bad on your game.

I'd suggest taking Tubby's setup along with Mystic Boots and the Ring of Life until you're comfortable, then be more risky and use more expensive equipment. If there is no one in Burstinglobs looking for a solo mage, just ask if anyone is hybridding/tribridding and Cheap RS3 Gold can let you hop worlds from theirs, easier than having to kill Supreme/Prime to start your trip.

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