Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Introduce The Market Share Of Taps

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The scale of China's faucet market will double in the next five years, and the share of smart products will increase significantly. The report believes that China's growing urban residents and business sectors will stimulate the need for taps
begging. kitchen faucets manufacturers reminded the market share of taps to expand.

China is currently the most populous country in the world, and the urban population is also rising. The eastern and northern regions of China are major contributors to the faucet market. At the same time, benefiting from the booming industrial sector, the western and southern regions are also expected to grow and their market share will continue to expand.

For the time being, there are a large number of copper faucets with excessive metal standards in the domestic market. The quality supervision department reminds consumers that when purchasing a water nozzle, the first thing to look at is whether the surface of the water nozzle is evenly lustrous, and pay attention to defects such as peeling, cracking, burning, exposed bottom, peeling, dark spots and obvious pitting. Secondly, the pipe thread precision is the guarantee for the reliable connection of the nozzle to the hose or pipe. When purchasing, it is necessary to visually inspect the thread surface for obvious defects such as dents and broken teeth. In particular, the screwing of the pipe thread and the connecting piece should be noted. The effective length will affect the reliability of the seal. Pay attention to the effective length of the pipe thread and the thickness of the thread when purchasing. It is recommended to select the thread with the wall thickness.

It is reported that the new standard for faucets will be introduced soon. Once the new standards are implemented, the relevant thresholds for the faucet industry will also rise. The above-mentioned person analyzed that although the new standard does not require the production enterprises to meet the production conditions and standards, it puts high requirements on the product terminals, so many manufacturers are forced to purchase high-quality inspection equipment and advanced Casting equipment is also a guarantee for consumers.


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