I'm not here to bring a smile on your faces

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The bandos armor/ fire cape/ chaos weapons can increase your chances of RuneScape Gold being killed and thrown in teams. They can also assist you to save money when it comes time to purchase party hats. If you make use of the effigies bosses will drop (ONLY SOLO'S) You will save money and invest in costly skills such as herblore. Low-level employees who are afraid to work for bosses could be able to be employed by their bosses and earn lots of money with the lootshare program.

Disadvantages----Takes extremely long to see drops such as a sigil from corp or torva armour from nex and can get frustrating but the effort is well worth it. You really dont start getting many drops until you have more requirements like extremes, turmoil, and chaotic weapons to be able to get into great teams. Talk about the disadvantages and benefits of bossing.

I'm at level 129. I started playing RS about a month prior to when RS2 was launched. It was very easy to find time (and days) to play RS when I was in middleschool. I meant that I was a normal child with good grades. I also did normal sports. When you're young there's only the amount of things you can do. I was the very first person in my town to have DSL. (I still have it fuuuu.png) So why not give it a shot? My 11-year old self was able to learn a lot about computers from the game.

However, I'm not here to bring a smile on your faces. RS has issued a number of major updates in the last year, including chaos weapons, godwars (which I hate), godwars, nex, and corp, in addition to mounds of other crap. Although I am not averse to the requirements, I know there are other things I don’t have. If I had the time to play, I'd definitely have them.

The thing in RuneScape that has seen the biggest change is the community. The majority of older players, who used to be clan members, have grown up in the three years since PKing was removed. The new era has arrived and there's no way back, the wilderness won't alter any thing, and there's no going back. The PVP community I must say is now a nightmare for Buy OSRS Accounts competitive players.

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