Among the huge new components for NBA 2K21 about the PS5

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MyLeague is plagued by young players being expected to sign contracts. This issue comes up when the player is around four or five year old and is entering the game NBA 2K22 MT. While they've only been playing for 12 hours a evening, the younger players who were selected in 2021 and 2022 are looking for maximum payout. It is a game changer to expect a salary. It's hard to make decisions in the free agency market or on the market for trade if a player is making a huge amount of money.

The only way to get out of a salary cap prison is to sell the player in exchange for pennies on the dollar. It's only a short moment of relief since this will occur next season with other young players. Contract values for young players are not being met, and 2K Sports need to address this problem. I am a strong belief in the need to incorporate additional requirements into the contract expectations mechanic. The amount of time, the statistical output, and potential should be all factors in what a young player expects to receive from the team.

Blatant, irritating advertisement of products that are blatant and irritating 2K Sports generate a lot of income from sponsorship deals with companies such as Gatorade, Beats, and Mountain Dew. The presence of actual firms can increase your enjoyment to some degree. However, these advertisements have proven to be very irritating in the past few years.

NBA 2K20 is a great instance of corporate influence dissolving the sport. These corporations were able to create advertisements for the event, which was an event that must not be missed. Gatorade, Beats and other businesses were prominently shown throughout the game. The ads became old-fashioned quickly. It's fine to have passive advertising in my Neighbourhood. But I am strongly opposed to the push of products onto the consumer Buy 2K MT. These cutscenes, spots, and commercials need to be taken out from NBA 2K21.

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