I'm not able to speak about the female voca

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When you have found the item of your choice, be sure that the item has only decreased in price at a daily and monthly basis, for if it has decreased by more than 180 days, the item is likely to continue to go down in price except for a certain kind of product I'll be speaking about later in the guide. Don't buy anything that have dropped more than 4 percent over the last seven days. This has led to huge losses.

Special Items (Generally not on the Top 100) Certain items such as ores or fish are rare and will not appear on the list. This is due to the fact that they are declining at a rapid rate and are not sufficient to be listed. Merchant clans are where they earn the majority of their money. They spend approximately an hour researching prices for items that are well-known in the past for soaring from the bottom in just three days.

Two options are available: you can either look on the internet for these items (I'll personally give a list) or you can use a program to locate the most popular merchandise for the week. (I have seen one. It's on my laptop, as it's homemade). These items aren't easy to find, even though most of them are essentials like food as well as "skilling". This is a list of most effective items to sell in short time periods. Invite your friends to participate to assist you in increasing the price by purchasing additional of the same item.

This is my personal top ten list, that I sell with... This is a simple listing of the top 10 runescape merchants I merch with. I'm now focusing on investing my cash into skills and not runescape. Everyone, good luck! Good Luck to everyone! (I am sorry if I have posted this in an inappropriate place. If you have to move it, do so.

I'm not able to speak about the female vocal. I'm really at a loss about what could be the person behind the door, maybe someone connected to Zaros? I just hope it's someone interesting and there's a story behind it and not just an "Here's an unnamed boss. Kill, fight and stab. Update

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