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Ion trade adsorption: the adsorption amongst adsorbent and adsorbate triggered by electrostatic attraction is known as ion exchange adsorption.<br /><br />Adsorption equilibrium: if the adsorption procedure is reversible, when the wastewater and adsorbent are in full get in touch with, on the one hand, the adsorbate is <a href=>adsorbed</a> by the adsorbent on the other hand, part of the adsorbed adsorbate can leave the floor of the adsorbent and return to the liquid phase due to the outcome of thermal movement. The former is adsorption, and the latter is desorption. When the speed of the two is equivalent, that is, the amount of adsorption for every device time When the quantity of desorption, the concentration of the adsorbate in the liquid period and the concentration on the surface of the adsorbent will not alter and the adsorption equilibrium will be achieved.<br /><br />Adsorption capability: refers to the excess weight of adsorbate adsorbed by unit weight of adsorbent.<br /><br />Adsorbent: porous sound substance with adsorption potential.<br /><br />Adsorbate: material adsorbed in wastewater.<br /><br />Static adsorption procedure: adsorption procedure of wastewater with no flowing.<br /><br />Dynamic adsorption operation: adsorption procedure of wastewater below flowing circumstances.<br /><br />Classification and characteristics of adsorption: Physics, chemistry and ion trade.<br /><br />The elements influencing the adsorption method incorporate the houses of adsorbent, the houses of adsorbate and the operating circumstances of adsorption procedure.<br /><br />Demands for adsorbent: porous or floor very good material with huge area location.<br /><br />The kinds and characteristics of adsorption operation: static (intermittent operation), dynamic (mounted mattress is semi constant, relocating mattress and fluidized bed are continuous)<br /><br />Ion exchanger: in<a href=>organic</a> and natural. Inorganic zeolite has normal zeolite and synthetic zeolite. The organic compounds consist of sulfonated coal and different ion trade resins (it is a type of natural and organic polymer electrolyte with ion exchange characteristics, which is a variet<img src="" align="left" width="283" style="padding:10px;"/>y of unfastened strong spherical particles with porous composition).<br /><br />Ion trade capability: is the common of resin trade ability. It can be expressed by bodyweight technique (number of ion trade groups in dry resin per device weight) and volumetric approach (quantity of ion exchange teams in device quantity of moist resin).<br /><br />Selectivity of ion trade resin: due to the fact the adsorption capacity of ion trade resin for various ions in w<img src="" align="right" width="283" style="padding:10px;"/>ater is not the same, some ions are simpl<img src="" align="right" width="283" style="padding:10px;"/>e to be adsorbed, whilst other individuals are difficult to be adsorbed. When the ions adsorbed by the resin are regenerated, some ions are easy to be replaced, although other people are hard to be replaced. This house of ion exchange resin is known as selective home.<br /><br />Single mattress ion exchanger: a one mattress composition employing a resin.<br /><br />Multi mattress ion exchanger: an ion trade program consisting of much more than two exchangers making use of 1 re<img src="" align="right" width="283" style="padding:10px;"/>sin.<br /><br />Double mattress ion exchanger: a collection technique of two exchangers employing two resins.<br /><br />Mixed mattress ion exchanger: the exact same exchanger is filled with cation and anion resins.<br /><br />Blended mattress ion exchanger: combined mattress and blended bed.<br /><br />Downstream regeneration and countercurrent regeneration: the path of liquid circulation in the regeneration phase is the identical as that of the drinking water stream throughout the exchange, and vice versa.<br /><br /><br /><a href="">How to treat the grinding wastewater?-RJ Dewaterintel</a>, <a href="">How to treat the grinding wastewater?-RJ Dewaterintel</a>, <a href="">Take you to quickly understand how the mask machine frame aluminum stamping die is made</a>

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