Types of Screen Printing Machine

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With the development of the machinery industry and the electronics industry, screen printers that from the professional Flat Screen Printer Factory - LiCheng have developed rapidly. With the increasing demand for the quality and production of Flat Screen Printing Machine


, multi-functional automatic screen printing machines and highly versatile semi-automatic screen printing machines have been introduced. The mechanization and automation of screen printing has further promoted the further development of screen printing technology.

The screen printing machine can be classified according to the shape of the screen, the shape of the printed matter, the form of the worktable, the number of printing colors, the degree of automation, and the use of the printed matter.

1. Screen shape: flat screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine and belt screen printing machine.

2. Print shape: flat screen printer, curved screen printer. Flat screen printers are further divided into sheetfed and web screen printers.

3. Workbench shape: flat screen printing machine, drum screen printing machine.

4. Worktable movement form: uncovering screen printing machine, lifting screen printing machine, sliding screen printing machine.

5. Printing color number: monochrome screen printing machine and multi-color screen printing machine.

6. Automation Chengdu: manual screen printers, semi-automatic and automatic screen printers.

7. Screen and table contact: flat flat, flat round, round flat and round round.


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