Freezing Iqf Manufacturers Share What Vacuum Technology

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The following Freezing iqf manufacturers share the difference between vacuum and noodle and non-vacuum:

The vacuum dough mixer stirs the flour under vacuum, and the good dough has no bubbles, small loss of gluten, good elasticity, sufficient water absorption of the dough, and good taste of the processed food.

A non-vacuum dough mixer (ordinary dough mixer) is a mixture of flour and water evenly.

The difference lies in the fact that the dough mixed under vacuum has a loose surface, a uniform interior, a high gluten value of the dough, good elasticity, and high transparency, no sticking, and a smooth mouthfeel. The dough mixing process is carried out under vacuum under pressure, so that the protein in the flour absorbs moisture in a short time, forming a good gluten network, and the dough is smooth so that the toughness and bite of the dough are both good. Shijiazhuang Yasong Mechanical Vacuum Mixing Machine

This machine is mainly suitable for mixing all kinds of pasta, cakes and pastry products. It has a wide range of uses in hotels, bakeries, cake shops, cafes, bars, tea houses, homes and more.

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