How To Determine The Internal Market Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

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Cabinets are large kitchen pieces that must be used when each home is renovated. A good cabinet is tens of thousands, which accounts for a large share of the cost of home decoration. However, people who have visited the building materials market will find that the price of the cabinets is very different. Not only is there a wide gap between different brands, but also the difference between the different series of brands. In fact, the water in the cabinet market is very deep, many decoration owners will be pitted, Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets custom traps should be careful.

"Trap" 1: Foreign brands also have "false identity"
The fact that building materials are “changing skin” is not just a cabinet, but many building materials have this situation. Because the decoration owner does not understand the market, it is not a good choice to distinguish whether the quality of the cabinet is good or not. Because many people have already started their brains, directly counterfeiting or even fictional foreign brands, but in fact, they are low-quality and inferior products produced by local small workshops, which earns several times more profits.

"Trap" two: "cottage" is the way
The cabinet industry is a labor-intensive product with a very low threshold, which allows some businesses with weak expertise and skills to enter the market. Faced with a serious homogenization of the market environment, it is often difficult for ordinary owners to identify genuine and cottage. In other words, the money is spent, but it is possible to buy fakes!

"Trap" three: exaggerating environmental propaganda
Now people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing, and they are very worried about home decoration pollution. Some merchants began to take environmental protection and talked about environmental protection cards. But in fact, there are not many companies that can really get the certification of an authority.

"Trap" four: the cabinet package is a trap
Custom cabinets are the popular cabinet sales model in recent years, often sold in the form of packages, which merchants say are cheaper than Yanmi. But is this really the case? In fact, merchants generally use low-cost packages to attract owners to consult, these packages are generally fixed size, the owner needs to pay a high fee to modify the size after purchase, very passive!

Trap Five: Hardware Trap
Hardware accessories are also an important part of the cabinet. However, the owner lacks basic judgment on hardware. Many people simply do not pay attention to it! In fact, the quality of the hardware directly affects the quality and service life of the cabinet, such as door hinges and rails, if they are inferior, the doors and drawers are very easy to damage, and the best plates will not be broken for a long time.

Trap Six: Design Process Trap
Good craftsmanship is the basic guarantee of good cabinets. Anyone who buys the plates can buy them. It is the skill of the manufacturers to do well! There are bad manufacturers who will brag about how good their production line is, but how many first-class craftsmen do you ask him to check? He may not be able to speak. Quality inspection is not good, for example, the simple edge-sealing process is not complete, and the factory cabinets are prone to deformation and expansion after use. This is a serious quality problem! So when you buy a cabinet, you can ask the manufacturer's site, production equipment and the situation of the craftsman.

Trap Seven: After-sales service trap
Going to the business to buy things can never be separated from the topic of after-sales service, no one can guarantee that the products purchased will never have problems. When the owner purchases the cabinet, he must pay attention to the manufacturer's installation and after-sales service commitment. The professional installation must be supervised and supervised. The problem is also solved on the spot for the owner. The later protection is also clearly written down, but don't trust the verbal promise!

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