The Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Tell You How Important The Faucet Is

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People nowadays pay more and more attention to health, especially to the health and environmental protection in the decoration. The faucet seems to be an insignificant small object, but due to the high usage rate in daily life, many people pay more attention to the decoration. Today, kitchen faucets manufacturers come to tell you why you should choose stainless steel faucets?

1. Stainless steel faucet is high in strength and more durable. The tensile strength of 304 stainless steel is ≥ 520 MPa, which is not deformed by thermal expansion and contraction and is not easy to burst and leak. The strength is much higher than plastic and ordinary cast copper materials. Scientific experiments show that the life of stainless steel faucets can last for hundreds of years, and almost no maintenance is required in the life cycle. Compared with various types of faucets in the past, stainless steel faucets solve the trouble of frequent maintenance and replacement and are more economical and environmentally friendly.

2. stainless steel faucet material is lead-free, nickel-based welding, seamless plug-in process, heavy metal precipitation is far below the international standard value (5 μg / liter), no corrosion and exudate, no faucet will occur during use The resulting odor and turbidity will not cause secondary pollution to drinking water, thus ensuring the safety, health, and purity of drinking water.

3. There is no need for electroplating in the production process of stainless steel faucets. The surface of the mirror surface is bright and new, and the surface of the wire is often used. In the process of surface polishing, it is only necessary to filter the dust generated by the polishing material, and the pollution caused to the environment is small. The brushed surface is easily cleaned and maintained with baking soda and white vinegar.

4. stainless steel smooth inner wall, no residual dirt, not easy to breed bacteria. The inner wall of the copper material is in contact with water and air for a long time, and the patina is precipitated.


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