Escalator Company Sharing Please Do Not Destroy The Escalator

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Fuji Escalator Company shares the etiquette requirements for taking the elevator:
1. To take the escalator, stand on the right side and vacate the left side passage so that people with urgent needs can pass; the elderly and children who take care of their peers should step on the escalator to prevent falls; if they have to pass through the left side, I should thank the people who gave way to themselves.

2. Take the box elevator and go out first. If the elevator has a driver, the elderly and women should be allowed to enter first; if there is no elevator driver, you can enter the car to control the elevator first, so that the elderly and women can enter the elevator to ensure safety. The person who first enters the car should try to stand in. When you don't know the same person in the elevator, your eyes should look at the elevator door naturally; don't talk loudly in the elevator, keep quiet.

3. Where there is no express prohibition of the pet taking the elevator, the small pet should be lifted by the owner to take the elevator; the large pet should be taken by the owner to take the elevator without other passengers.

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