What Are The Tips For Choosing A Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet?

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When I live in my home, there will be a replacement for the faucet, because our faucets have been used very frequently. Therefore, the replacement is also very frequent, we must master the method, this will also help us to replace. The following small series to understand, how to change the Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet ? Let everyone learn how to replace when operating, it can be very simple.

First, how to change the faucet
1. When operating, it is necessary to close the valve of the household total water valve before replacing the broken faucet. Try to reduce the water flow and air pressure in the water pipe. At the same time, the faucet switch is turned on, otherwise, the problem of water jet spurt is easily generated during the replacement process of the faucet, and the difficulty of replacing the faucet is increased. Select the wrench that matches the size of the faucet nozzle. In this process, pay attention to maintaining a certain strength. It should not be too heavy or too light. If the force is too light, the waterhole head cannot be unscrewed.

2. When the operation is finished, after twisting the old faucet, at the faucet water pipe interface to be replaced, it is also known that the raw material tape is wound for about ten times, and then the screw corresponding to the nozzle is clockwise. After installation, the faucet is tightened and the total water valve is opened and replaced. However, it is not necessary to consider the installation position of the water pipe, but it should be noted that the length of the general hose is 30cm (inlet size, individual brand or hard pipe), the metal pipe can be used to connect the water pipe, and vice versa.

3. To understand, the requirements for related accessories from imported faucets are different from those of domestic faucets. Also know that it is known that the upper inlet pipe of the generally imported faucet has soft and hardpoints, and the hose (stainless steel braided pipe) is the most, but the movable nut end has an inch 3/8 inch, and the matching can only be imported. The triangular valve has an 11/4 inch nozzle for the launching assembly.

Second, what are the tips for choosing a tap?
1. First of all, you can choose according to your own needs and preferences. It is very important to buy faucet products with different handles. Generally speaking, the switch handles of the faucet can be divided into three handles: single handle, double handle, and 90-degree switch. The single handle faucet is easy to use and simple to control and is popular among consumers. The double handle faucet can bring more delicate water temperature feeling to the user. It is the gospel of many temperature sensitive people; freely adjust and switch hot and cold water, also deep Loved by users.

2. Also, when purchasing a faucet, it is best to buy a faucet with a bubbler. The understanding is clear because the faucet with bubbler can filter the impurities and dirt in the water pipe, has good filterability and safety, and it can also be in the water pipe. It can effectively reduce the phenomenon of water splashing when boiling water.

3. Finally, when purchasing a faucet, choose a faucet that meets the plating process standards. It is also understood that the general quality faucets have a good electroplating process, which not only prolongs the service life of the faucet, prevents it from being rusted by water stains, but also makes the surface of the faucet look more Enhance its decorative effect.

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