You will find bots resurfacing to Runescape

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asked Oct 21, 2020 in AngularJS by Dingbest (930 points)

There is so many things distinct; the playerbase, the gameplay along with the sensation of RuneScape gold everything. 1 thing that actually shocked me was the clan conversation at this hour, it is not even nearly as full as it was. What happened? It's shocking how a change such as this could occur but I figure if I had been here all along I wouldn't have noticed it as much. Taking a look at the only post I made with this account and viewing my own modifications make some sense of this I guess. It is just a completely different location and atmosphere than you remember.

Anyway, from the weird, rambling entrance, I was wondering if somebody could basically only clarify how many things work these days in the sport. What's beent he significant changes besides EoC? Have they added another lands/areas/cities? I truly need to attempt to get back to this match, it is the only real game of it's kind I ever managed to get immersed into to and love with people that I knew and met along the way. I'm hoping I could but I want some type of sense of whats happening hahaha.

Ok, so I've done some things contrary to the rules with my account before. I've given it away when I was certain I had been done with the game. Recently I attempted to get it back. I've emailed Jagex a few times, but never got anything back. The report's registered email(which was mine) was altered some where over a year ago. So naturally, I shouldn't receive an email correct?

However, this morning, I got an email from legal (at) jagex dot com. They explained that they had signs of me trading runescape accounts or things in actual life. Ok yes, I have done this. (By the way, I have never bought anything. Not overly important, I'm just wanting to let people know I'm not dumb enough to do this ) They said they'd watch my account, and when it persisted, I would be subject to a suit for.

(thought that was strange ) Clearly this made my heart beat. Now, here is where the story starts to get a bit odd. There is a link supplied in the email asking me to log in so that I could monitor what's happening with my account. Clearly I can't log in. I email this sender back explaining that they found out me and I would no longer utilize Jagex services(and I really haven't had any intentions to) of any kind or email them unless necessary. Not long after I get the following email from Jagex. Jagex (that I presume is the REAL Jagex) is tellng me that the email I received initially was from a bogus sender that has been utilizing the Jagex address to conceal their own. It stated they were trying to phish for my account, etc..

So today I only want to be certain, is that common? This scam? I thought it was weird that they'd email me like that without even telling me any previous account appeal was denied. And those of you who know what Jagex is like in 2012... would they even attempt to Best OSRS Gold site sue me over simply giving my account off? Surely that will do them more harm than good. Thanks.


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