Knowledge Of Stainless Steel Faucets

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Pay attention to faucet cleaning, serious accumulation of scale can cause cancer

Stainless Steel Faucets is a necessity for every household water. From purchase to installation to put into use, there is a lot of attention and people pay attention to it, but in addition to these, there is one important link that is often overlooked. That is the cleanliness of the faucet. Perhaps some people think that the faucet does not need to be cleaned, but it is a problem that people often overlook, and it is the "culprit" that endangers your health.

Hazard 1: It affects the use of faucets and finds that the water flow of the faucet becomes small. For example, the faucet that produces hot water often uses hot water, resulting in thick water alkali. Now the water flow is so small. In fact, this is that the faucet will have a layer inside after a long time. The sediment will seriously affect the filter and the level, resulting in poor use of the faucet.

Hazard 2: Scale affects health. The faucet has a thick layer of scale. I am worried that this layer of scale will also release carcinogens and affect the health of the family. These scales are not only as simple as affecting the beauty and easy breeding of bacteria, some can even cause cancer.

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