I really don't get these folks.

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asked Aug 30, 2020 in Others by Dingbest (1,470 points)

Your kid's well-being is valued by you within the market but a lot of us do not. Many folks see time spent playing a game as attractive than raising a child and don't want children. That's rather the point of OSRS gold the thread; most individuals who make this argument seem to be pushing their values onto others, making out just like their choices to raise a child are inherently more virtuous than playing a video game and therefore everyone else should appeal to them. Technically those who choose to have kids are making an extremely selfish choice.

There are few things you can do to consume more of these planets resources than creating another life. But I'm not going to tell you to not have children, I am not going to sit here and tell you that your family responsibilities do not matter as far as me playing my video game, since I choose not to push my values because inherently of more worth than yours, and I kindly ask folks making this debate to perform the same.

All the folks saying that nobody should care what happens from Runescape, that ethics doesn't matter, etc are people that are probably participate in these activities, and aren't good at all to the longevity of the game. "Who cares if there is 100 bots at every place, its just a game""Who cares if skills got shifted to 2m xp each hour, it's just a game""Who cares if jagex cares about Runescape and didn't conduct it into the ground, it's just a game"

"I'm going to willingly play with this game that I am already aware is all about grinding, however preach about how I don't have time to perform the grinding I know exists in Runescape I am deciding to play. No, I won't stop and find a match that better suits the lifestyle I have and also the hours I'm in a position to perform, I'm going to make certain Jagex caters to me!"

Part of the reason runescape is filled with cheaters, scammers, botters, etc is because the machine does not do a good job of preventing it. It is frankly too easy, and people get away with these"crimes" with no repercussion. Jagex should increase their detection and prevention, that is the only solution.

Vote with your wallet, I have quit playing runescape about two years ago today since I did not want to invest all of my time into a game where somebody else can steal all my improvement or accomplish these very same achievements via botting or paying somebody else. I recall several years ago of buy RS gold a ribbon on the official rs forums about how RS3 must have week long dbx weekends since not everyone can have days off on the weekend. Those people would pay someone to play with their accounts. Then again, they eventually got their wish in RS3.

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