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Why The Chosen Commander is possibly the best pursuit in RuneScape - Carbonminds

Why The Chosen Commander is possibly the best pursuit in RuneScape

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asked Aug 28, 2020 in Technology by Dingbest (1,470 points)

I had the honour of re-playing some quests within DXP weekend largely for superior agility coaching, and that I chose to perform the Throne Room for some time I recall it being one of RS gold my favorite Agility training spots believe it or not. I had to do the quest on the accounts. I understood why I hadn't. I have a bizarre attachment obviously, Zanik is my favorite character which says a lot since Guthix is a total Boss dude, and I'd still roll with Zanik before him. It was The Chosen Commander pursuit that made me cry again just like it did years back, although I had started some of the quests.

Spoilers ahead if you're new to RuneScape and have yet to do this particular storyline, just do it I promise you will not regret it, you're likely going to shout however, sorry. The Chosen Commander is your narrative Thus Far. It was The Chosen Commander that reminded my why I love Zanik as a character and I loved, although I adored The Mighty Fall too. To the mysterious box on Yu' biusk, you're immediately after Zanik's loss in this storyline.

Eventually, you go to the council and they have to turn him over to authorities which -understandably- upsets Zanik. She storms out and you go to find and console her. At precisely the exact same time, they're taking the H.A.M agent right back to the surface. He gets sniped with a sterile of Zanik and she ends up eluding the cities' police. It leads you to locate her at the south of the town.

This is really where my favourite part of the narrative commences.it's a small part.a candy part. It showcases the association between you the player and Zanik. Now, this is the area where you can say something to her or sit. When I first played this exploration I remember looking at those options, and believing,"F**k yeah I want to sit with my best friend in all of Gielinor and also have a lil chat." I was like 16 when I originally did this quest, I was kinda sad and hadn't any friends, so naturallyI make friends with a Cave Goblin and got emotionally attached, sue me, then it provides you the choice to say all kinds of things.or state nothing.

I said nothing originally and today when I replayed it, you can do this 3 times while she vents to you I did every time till I managed to say something different. I opted to say nothing, she is not asking for a response, she's asking herself. Nothing was said by me. Then she says,"I just.I do not know what came over me." She is trying to understand. Cave goblins, like herself, are generally non-violent, in this case, she could not control himself. Zanik states,"I had been so angry. I mean, he was trying to kill the kids! I could think of was that he had been attempting to kill the kids and he deserved to die, and the council would not do it."

She is hoping to justify herself.and it's fair but the council left their choice. This is only one of my choices that I get to select. It is possible to say,"No the council was right","Yes, you were right" or my favourite option. When you select that Zanik agrees that you are right. She voiced that she wishes she had not done it. Following that, it is possible to ask her"Do you wish he was alive still","Do you wish I'd murdered him?","Would you wish the council murdered him?" OR:"You have killed H.A.M members before." I always picked this because I needed to know her guilt.

She reminds you, it was about survival those instances, it was her or them. Then she notes:"This time, he'd been captured. It's completely different. I wish I had not done it." LIKE WHAT? How is Zanik not anyones' favorite character? She did something that impulsively she believed was right, and cheap RuneScape gold she had EVERY right to believe that killing him was the ideal thing to do. Dead incorrect and regrets it instantly. Then you could as her.what do you wish had happened as a new option, I chose that afterward, and I picked it, her response.is heartwarming.

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