Purchase Conditions Of Laundry Cabinet

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The method of purchasing Laundry Cabinet can be seen from seven aspects:

1. Safety: First of all, it depends on whether the basin is waterproof, high temperature resistance, stain resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and friction resistance, and cigarette burn resistance. The brand laundry counter basin will at least meet the above points, and the latter will go to the laundry The cabinet body is also waterproof, high temperature resistant, stain resistant, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, and pressure resistant. The sliding door is equipped with balls and non-drying lubricating ester, so it can be pushed and pulled easily, smoothly and flexibly, and has a large bearing capacity , Pressure resistance, wear resistance and no deformation. The pulley guide is the core technical part of the sliding door, so you must choose it carefully.
2. Functionality: Can the height of the washing cabinet meet the comfort of the human body? The storage space meets your own needs, and the washboard will not hurt your hands after handling.
3. Durability: Whether the thickness of the door panel of the laundry cabinet is full and thick. The wood used for sliding doors is preferably 15mm or 18mm thick, which is strong, stable, durable, and pressure resistant; for the worse, 8mm or 14mm thick wood is used, which is relatively thin and frivolous. Whether the surface of the laundry counter is smooth and will not hurt your hands.
4. Professionalism: Whether the balcony laundry cabinet is professional and whether the design is scientific and fashionable. At present, the popular balcony laundry cabinet has a very scientific and reasonable design. Often according to the principle of "comfortable use", several different washing cabinets are developed, which can be freely matched and combined when ordering. Moreover, the drawers and movable shelves can also be added or removed freely, expressing one's own style and showing a unique personality, which is deeply loved by the DIY family. Perfect combination of irregular walls and laundry cabinets.
5. Uniformity: Whether the color of the door and the countertop of the washing cabinet are consistent and uniform. The doors and countertops of the brand laundry cabinets are made from the same professional color and texture, which can be completely consistent and unified. But the miscellaneous laundry cabinets are often patched together, and only plates and frames of similar design and color can be found, and they cannot be completely consistent.
6. Aesthetics: Whether the varieties and materials of the laundry cabinet doors and countertops are rich and varied. Different consumption concepts correspond to different color hobbies. At present, the materials available for making laundry cabinet doors on the market mainly include artificial stone, oak, multi-layer solid wood, stainless steel, space aluminum and some other special materials. The countertop colors include jade garland, jade blown flower, dark blown flower, ivory white, golden flower white, microcrystalline stone, pearl white, dark brown, gold inlaid jade, light yellow, milky white, etc.
7. Environmental protection: Whether to choose green environmental protection materials. Nowadays, the artificial boards (fiberboard, particle board, plywood) used to make furniture, because of the use of formaldehyde-containing adhesives in the board production process, it is inevitable that the finished furniture contains formaldehyde components. If the formaldehyde content of the cabinet material of the wardrobe cabinet is too high, it will definitely have an adverse effect on the health of the user.

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