The Daeyalt essence mine's release in RS

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asked Aug 14, 2020 in Others by Dingbest (1,470 points)

In light of the launch of this Daeyalt nature mine, could the normal essence mine be reworked to provide more pure character each hour through some combination of RS gold rising the mining rate, making it a searchable source that's traded for pure essence and/or adding a deposit box into the character mine. As it stands currently character mining is not even a fantastic option for ironmen as a source of getting essence, Temple Trekking and PvM provides more pure character each hour in addition to another incentives to do those activities.

I think that it makes more sense thematically and from RuneScape equilibrium standpoint to possess the character mine be the default alternative for gamers. Additionally, as Daeyalt character mining has been polled instead to standard pure character that does not increase general exp per hour once you account for mining period, buffing traditional essence mining this way will be demanded for pure character to be a viable option to Daeyalt essence for players amassing their own character.

The way I see nature is that every form replaces the use of the last. Nobody uses routine rune character (outside of possibly f2p ironmen or something). And now outside of lava runes, daeyalt replaces pure character. Considering that Zulrah and NMZ nobody has ever mined pure essence, and now more monsters shed it than ever. Hell you don't even need to manage your own runes anymore in the first place farm Zalcano or possibly drakes in the event that you want natures. It's a shame every time that they destroy skilling by adding of skilling material to pvm loot resources.

Essence and rune essence used to be the same thing, they were divided to a character that could be used in temperament and P2P that may be utilised to battle F2P bots. By incorporating methods to flood and farm, A decision that has been undermined RuneScape with essence faster than the mining bots ever could, such as NMZ. Leading to the current scenario where pure character costs less than rune essence.

You are right, it is a shame and this proposal is aimed at creating the skilling method at least again for at least ironmen. It is a small ask, but it's pretty clear that the simple fact that PvM has destroyed and buy RuneScape gold consumed everything else in RuneScape is never going to be addressed. The boss slayer site is simply additional proof that this is the direction RuneScape is going to last in.Burnt OSRS player wanting to try something out out

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