China Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Share Knowledge Of Stainless Steel

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The home improvement faucet suddenly rusted, many consumers think that this stainless steel faucet is not genuine, looking for various complaints from the merchants to claim compensation, and at this time many businesses are also special, think that their products are genuine, how can it rust? Let's take a look at the mystery of stainless steel with the China Stainless Steel Sink manufacturer.

In layman's terms, stainless steel is steel that is not easily rusted.
The stainless steel's rust and corrosion resistance is due to the formation of a chromium-rich oxide film (passivation film) on its surface. This rust and corrosion resistance are relative. The test shows that the corrosion resistance of steel in the weak medium such as atmosphere and water and oxidizing medium such as nitric acid increases with the increase of chromium content in steel. When the chromium content reaches a certain percentage, the corrosion resistance of steel is abrupt. From rust to rust, from corrosion resistance to corrosion resistance.

Why does stainless steel rust?
Stainless steel does not necessarily rust, but it is much less corrosive than other steels in the same environment, and sometimes even negligible. Stainless steel is a very thin and strong and stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) formed on the surface to prevent the oxygen atoms from continuing to infiltrate and continue to oxidize, thereby obtaining the ability to resist rust. Once the film is continuously destroyed, oxygen atoms in the air or liquid will continuously infiltrate or iron atoms in the metal will be continuously separated to form loose iron oxide, and the metal surface will be continuously rusted.

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