How To Use Stainless Steel Faucets In The Restaurant

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I believe most friends find that when the chef is cooking, the cooking faucet is always on, and the stainless steel faucets next to the stove are always off. Looking at the waste, why do they do it? Is it so difficult to turn off the faucet? The chefs also have the pain of having to turn on the faucet to keep the water flowing. Generally speaking, restaurant chefs often prepare two tanks of water when cooking, one is tap water, which is used to wash hands, pots, dishes, and utensils. Clean and require frequent water changes. The other is connected with a wok, which can cook hot water while cooking, which is efficient and economical, and at the same time can cool the stove, because some stoves are stainless steel, the temperature is too high and easy to deform.

When the chef cooks, he needs to add some water to it, then braise it for a while, and then collect the juice. Of course, there is another one. Every time you finish a dish, you need to clean the pot and fry the next dish, so there will be no smell, but this is to increase the speed. In addition, the water is always flowing to ensure the cleanliness of the water, because there will be residual oil on the spoon when cooking, and it will stay on the water when the spoon is filled with water. The water will allow impurities to flow away, making the food clean and not odorous. So the chef would rather let the water waste and not turn off the faucet. However, wasting water is not good after all. You can turn off the faucet when appropriate, so that it does not affect cooking and saves water resources.

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