What's your favorite RuneScape memory?

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asked Apr 1, 2020 in Maths by Nanlina (210 points)

At 7 years old you do not actually have any idea what you're doing but I will be damned if I didn't look fly as fuck in my priest gowns and frog mask. The OSRS gold most limiting factor of Runescape game at that point wasn't ranging hens in complete bronze, it was that I could type about 3 words per minute, therefore I could not really communicate with anybody. Fast forward 5 years to age 12 and I was in year 6 in college and won the class typing competition using a speed of 70+ WPM while each other non-runescape playing virgin was sitting in 20-40 WPM. I then banged the teacher and all of the bitches in my course. And now I am nearly 21, nevertheless playing runescape regular and can type ~100WPM, nevertheless bang Mr. Green on the negative cause I'm this epic typist.

I feel like if you do use perfect punctuation constantly in informal conditions, it come of somewhat pretentious. Pretty fascinating how text language has embraced things like this though, like how CAPS CAN BE SHOUTING. Particularly using fancy smancy words much too is odd. 'Retorted', who says that? That dis here guy think he is? Tryin to carry our tasks? lol. Imo the worst is people verbally speaking in leet speak to anyone who isn't a close friend.

They had boy younger than me who had been a hilarious kid.. So runescape was his class lmao.

What's your favorite RuneScape memory?

Finishing Dragon Slayer at RSC, first time transitioning into RS2, performing Hero's Quest and having the ability to use D Baxe, when they first introduced particular attacks, selling my first 1k yew logs for 300k and finally making money on RS, getting 85 WCing to start selling magical logs (over 3x the money as Yew!!!), getting 99 WCing off the Magic trees in Lletya, GWD1 launch despite being almost good enough to do any bosses but just going there to view all the hype in how to get coins on old school runescape the overall area, studying PVM and beginning GWD with Arma because ranged was my preferred style.

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