Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers Share Cabinet Customization Knowledge

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The cabinet is already a representative product of the kitchen. It is powerful and combines many functions such as storage, cooking, cleaning, etc. So, in the face of the design of the cabinet, how should we correctly formulate its size and height? Let's explore with the Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets manufacturer.

1, determine the height of the cabinet
Since the current cabinets can be customized, it is possible to customize the most suitable cabinet according to the height and usage habits of the user. Firstly, according to the height, the height of the cabinet cabinet is determined. The height of the cabinet is: the height is below 165cm, the height of the cabinet is about 80cm, the height is more than 165cm, and the height of the cabinet is about 85cm.

Here is a calculation method for your reference and measurement.

Floor cabinet height = adjustment foot + cabinet cabinet + countertop

The height of the adjustment foot is 10cm, the height of the table is 4cm, the height of the cabinet is 65cm, and the height is slightly higher at 71.5cm.

2, determine the height of the cabinet
Generally, the cabinet body is 65cm/78cm/91cm, which is determined according to the ceiling height of the kitchen. If the ceiling of the kitchen is higher than 2.3m, 91cm can be considered. The height of Chinese women is about 160CM. In actual operation, it can reach a height of about 175CM, and it needs to be able to reach the middle part of the cabinet. Therefore, the distance between the counter surface and the wall cabinet is about 50~60cm.

3, determine the depth of the cabinet
There will be a certain gap between the depth of the cabinet and the cabinet.
The depth of the cabinet cabinet (including the countertop) is generally around 60cm, the depth of the cabinet is 56cm, and the depth of the cabinet is 32cm.


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